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Location Independent

No matter where you or your company is based, because of the technologies we have available nowadays, collaboration was never easier.

Search Engine Optimized

It’s not all about the look of your website, but the internal values matter as well! When developing a website there are various factors to pay attention to so that search engines can show your website to the right people.

Modern Technologies

My website creation tools are following the newest standards on the market. Do you need a Progressive Web App? I can create it. Do you want source code, with a clear structure, so other people could eventually pick it up again and extend it right away? No problem!

Responsive Web Design

This means my websites look good on multiple screen sizes, so no matter if your customer is using their phone, laptop or tablet, your website will always look great.

Loading Speed

No matter if you only need a static webpage or require more advanced features, like dynamic content, my websites will always be blazing fast.

Flexible Cooperation

I value partnerships where both parties can benefit. I am fully transparent with my work and the amount of time I require for your project.



This is my newest project. It is a platform for people to share and find places and events. You can also create communities, local chat groups, to talk with like-minded people in your area.


This was the project, where I really became a professional programmer. I was working for 9 months in a startup in Barcelona, which is on its mission to conquer the international job market. It's core is a website, similar to Linkedin, but focussed on the hospitality sector. I was working full-time as a full-stack engineer on the website, added new features, polished old things. Because of the small size I could get insights into every aspect of software development.


It was my first project and it taught me a lot about programming but also about marketing, monetizing and advertising. - It is made with Unity3D and C#. I made all the graphics and game mechanics myself.


This is a website to inform about crypto currency prices and exchange about the development of the different coins. Sadly the API's I used to get the cryptocurreny data are not working anymore and I haven't found any time to fix it 😅.

Hi, I am Björn Rave

I am a fullstack engineer and passionate web developer from northern germany. Working in a thriving startup for the last year I could gain a lot of insights and knowledge in all areas neccessary to run and maintain a high demand enterprise-grade website.


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